New Summary mode should have sorting functions or options to sort dimension based, command based etc.

Prasanna S 3 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS 0

The new Summary mode is Great!!!, Many of my customers like it here in Australia. I would like to see PC-DMIS having sort options that automatically sorts the MR based on commands and dimensions, For Ex - I might have added dimensions after each feature and I want all to go after features or end of the program. Similarly, there may be times where I would look for dimensions to go and add at the end of features.  Basically, all the analysis views, dimensions, features, etc. should be available for sorting NOT the MOVES and the way the program was written. An optimized path function should be allowed to take care of this. This request is basically for features, dimensions, analysis commands, constructed features ( at the end forex), and for commands which are not affecting the movement of the machine. This should work for all legacy programs as well.

Secondly, the reporting should get updated automatic based on the sorting in the summary window and also it should work for all legacy programs written in older versions - As a 3rd request - if I want to add CAD view for the corresponding dimensions, there should be an option where the CAD views are added based on CAD normal to dimension views instead of me taking Snaps and looking for view sets and add images. I am not sure if this can be a separate request, but, this is how we want to see. automatic and reduce more effort in programming. anyway, thanks for making summary mode neater.