Add paste with pattern option of pc-dmis in Quindos

Prasanna S 3 år siden i Metrology Software / QUINDOS 0

There are many applications which are not gears which do have similar tooth profile like gears (elliptical, trapezoidal, hypocycloid etc.). I recently used PC-DMIS CAD++ for proving a similar type application which is not involute or straight profile and having trapezoid and elliptical tooth. Just like any other part, paste with the pattern was used a lot in this programming and it worked awesomely. I am looking for something similar in Quindos CAD AS WELL as the customer is using Quindos CAD and it would help existing Quindos customers. As we know parametric programming is difficult in Quindos , at-least, I want to see paste with pattern like pc-dmis in quindos. (wrist has to patterned automatic like pc-dmis) along with all other pasted commands like dimensions, analysis windows etc,

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