Find Hole parameter setting description clarity for Check percentage.

davehocum 3 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS 0

The Find hole parameter settings was not well described in PC-DMIS and should have been corrected years ago for better clarity of the meaning for the setting.
With Summary mode in 2019R1 will show that the second parameter is for the Find Hole. (This view feature in Summary Mode is no longer available in the newer versions.)

Within the Settings dialog window the only value for Check is for distance not for the Find Hole.

Then the Parameter Settings will show Check percent with no description. Leave one thinking that this could be for the Check distance.
As an example Check percentage should have been described as (Check Find Hole percent)

CHECK/1,0.1 (First parameter is for Check Distance and Second parameter is for Check Percent for Find Hole.)

Help Menu:
The Check Distance box defines the distance past the theoretical hit location that the machine continues to search or check for the surface of the part. This distance is after it traverses the Prehit Distance value. The default value is zero.
The Check Percent value determines the percent of the total distance moved when performing a Find Hole operation. Be aware that if you type 1, the value is equal to 100 percent. Thus, 100% would be entered as 1, 25% would be entered as .25, and 10% would be .10.