2021.1__Add unequal tolerance zones for analysis view command

DAN_M_413 3 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated by Aaron Baldauf 3 years ago 1

Using 2021.1, an "analysisview" command of a feature control frame that uses the "U Modifier" will ONLY allow us to put on the inspection report an "analysisview" of a BILATERAL tolerance band. 

Please add the capability for us to show the tolerance band as UNEQUAL. 

I commented already on the forum thread. Just copying what I wrote there to here:

I tried to make again two mock-ups just to see for myself what is easier to understand.

Version 1 is closer to the old design.
In my opinion the graphical analysis is easier to understand.
What is not clear though is how the MEAS is calculated.

Version 2 is closer to the new design.
In my opinion the graphical analysis is harder to understand. Especially for the machinist and the designer.
It is much easier though to understand how the MEAS gets calculated.

What do you guys think? Maybe there can be a toggle between the two.
Or do you guys have a better version in mind?