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No matter what Hexagon measurement equipment or software you use, we want to hear your ideas and suggestions on how we can improve.

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Offer a Mobile app for Metrology Reporter

Offer a Mobile app for Metrology Reporter along the same lines as the SFX Asset


Allow comment to be added to explain/mark bad results

neil kay 1 year ago in Metrology Software / Metrology Reporting updated 1 year ago 2

Customer Request

Trend reports are very important for their operators. They mentioned wanting some kind of way to mark events so that they can understand why dips might have happened (or able to isolate out dates where you know why parts dipped out of tolerance and are not relevant)


Barcode/QR code scan to select part/sample

Customer Request

They mentioned the idea of being able to scan parts (barcode/QR) in order to select parts or specific samples


    Merge data from two programs into one report

    neil kay 1 year ago in Metrology Software / Metrology Reporting updated by Neil Challinor 1 year ago 1

    Customer Request

    Want the ability to merge two reports together. They can have 2 routines for one part, so merging would make it easier to share with customers. (They do this today by cut and pasting in Excel)


      Allow Text/Sample Report to be shared rather than CAD Report

      Customer request

      Suggested use cases: they would use CAD report internally and then share text reports with customer (as a rule of thumb, they try not sharing too many details with customers)


      Allow sharing of multiple samples

      neil kay 1 year ago in Metrology Software / Metrology Reporting updated 1 year ago 0

      Second idea is the possibility to Filter and Share a whole page of samples, i.e., we want to send to a client all the measurements for a range of samples of a part,  instead of having to select one by one and share...

      Image 562


      Add "Dashboard Summary" tab with important information across ALL parts

      It would be nice to have an overall dashboard (homepage) for all parts. The insights is nice on the right hand side of the page but it would be nice to have a homepage that goes over any quality issue notifications and has charts for all parts, similar to the part summary but for all parts.


      Add Gage R&R support into Metrology Reporting

      It would be cool to see some features of gauge r and r implemented into metrology reporting.

      Image 561