Constructed circle tangent to 2 circles

C2T 3 weeks ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated by Guillermo 3 weeks ago 1


Being able to make a constructed circle tangent to 2 circles by imposing the diameter would be useful. For the dimensions on gable pins with rounded teeth for example… This exists with tangent to 2 straight lines so why not 2 circles…



I don't have enough votes left so as to vote for this one,  But, I believe this is a good request and would like to be a bit greedy and propose not only tangent to two circles and two lines (as it is now), but  also to two  2 coplanar, scan features (using splined curve through hits). Including the 2D profile vision scan elements.  This would be great for splines, gears, screws, etc.