Have the ability to change the font size, color, type, etc for operator comments

bman 8 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated by neil kay 4 years ago 10

I've seen this requested many times and think this would be a great feature. Being able to emphasize certain instructions by changing font color or size in the operator comments.


I believe this is possible. I highlight mine with different background and font colors. Not sure if you can make just one feature type a different font or size if that is what you are asking.

Would be nice if you could change anything per feature, comment ect. if you cannot already.

Yes i would be nice to be able to apply colors, and font controls and be able to associate them with out of tolerance features.


For the Comment/Rept commands, there are some possibilities , like :

COMMENT/REPT,~~1"Please Edit Comment Text! - (DARK BLUE)
COMMENT/REPT,~~2"Please Edit Comment Text! - (BLACK)
COMMENT/REPT,~~3"Please Edit Comment Text! - (GRAY)
COMMENT/REPT,~~4"Please Edit Comment Text! - (RED)

Would be nice for the other comment commands.

That only works for the report comments. I want to be able to change fonts, colors, sizes, etc. in the operator comments.

You can always use a form instead - full control of font, size, color, etc.

Thank you Saaliha.

I see that that works with variables.


"~~4 WARNING - ~~2 Roughing tool 31 may have cut into Datum -A- by " + "~~1" + V1

For operator comments, I'm not too sure on font is needed or just a preference, but size would be a great improvement. At least 2 or 3 size options for the operator comment inside of full screen or not full screen. Kind of like the options available to make this post.

An option to define the comment box size would be useful along with a word wrap option.

bold and italics would also be useful

Bold, changing the size would all be useful.  So far this is the best I could do for what I wanted to achieve.

This is the code if it helps.