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Add an option for hitbased construction of features

Jörgen Andersson (vpt se) hace 6 años en Metrology Software / PC-DMIS actualizado hace 8 meses 20 1 duplicado

Add a checkbox to construction dialogs allowing the user to select whether or not to construct the new feature based on hits (<featurename>.HIT[1..<featurename>.NUMHITS]) or the "regular" way (centroids). This would enhance the programming experience and shave off a couple of minutes to the programming time.


Develop of a tool that handles the change of the Adaptive Scanning Strategies Parameters in a set of Auto Feature holes

Liviu hace 4 años en Metrology Software / PC-DMIS actualizado por Matthew hace 10 meses 14

Actual versions of Pc-Dmis doesn't handles the Copy/Paste Parameters for automatic features with Adaptive Scanning Strategies. If the measurement routines has a high number of features, and you want to change a parameter such as point density, speed, acceleration or filtering options you have to change the holes 1 by 1 with F9 button. If the measurement routine has 5-10 holes it can be done, but if the measurement routine has a high number of holes than this is counterproductive you loose to much time changing parameters.

It is not possible to cancel the features change one of them and after copy it with pattern, because you will loose any connection to constructed features or dimensions.

Normal parameters for a Ø10 mm hole are present in the window below, but this means that the measurement will be done with 188 hits. For 80 holes in a measurement routine this is time consuming.

Image 263

If i want to Override the Point density from 6pts/mm to 1 pts/mm i have to go 80 times F9 and change manually the option for all holes in the same pattern.

Image 264


Align Point cloud select areas.

Lidia hace 3 meses en Metrology Software / PC-DMIS actualizado hace 3 meses 2

Image 531

Option to align point cloud and 3D, selecting in the cad only the areas that we need to align. No need to cut those areas that are not interesting.

It would be the same option that exists in the color map, just select the areas that we want to color, but in the alignment of point cloud.


Constructing New Features from Existing Features

Gyozo Szovetes hace 2 años en Metrology Software / PC-DMIS actualizado por Guillermo hace 10 meses 5

Would it be possible to complete the drop-down list with "Using feature points" or "Recall feature points" or something like that when we want to combine several planes, circles, lines etc (created by scanning or touching points).

I usually use this code, for instance: PLN1.HIT[1..PLN1.NUMHITS],PLN2.HIT[1..PLN2.NUMHITS], but it has to be given by typed with manually.

It would be better if we could select the elements and and choose this "option" (it has been mentioned above) and done.

Thanks in advance for your reply,

En revisión

Specify Master Probe

Jon Wood (NinjaBadger) hace 4 años en Metrology Software / PC-DMIS actualizado por Neil Ryan hace 4 meses 8

Create functionality to specify a Master probe tip, such that it removes the ability to define reference sphere location with any another tip.

I imagine this would be relatively simple to do, and of incredibly high value to the end user.

Once tick box in Setup somewhere to 'Use Master Probe' 

Once ticked Select a Probe & Tip combination which is the master probe.

Once enabled, when you click measure if the probe tip isn't the master probe then the option to select Sphere has moved (either manual or DCC) is disabled.

Likewise the No - Sphere has not moved option could be disabled for the master probe/tip.

The only 'complexity' I can think of would be if the user went to calibrate the Master probe with a user defined calibration order where the Master tip wasn't selected first.


Have the ability to change the font size, color, type, etc for operator comments

bman hace 6 años en Metrology Software / PC-DMIS actualizado por neil kay hace 3 años 10

I've seen this requested many times and think this would be a great feature. Being able to emphasize certain instructions by changing font color or size in the operator comments.

En revisión

Please improve the print resolution of analysis views

gary wilson hace 6 años en Metrology Software / PC-DMIS actualizado por neil kay hace 3 años 10

Add option(s) in Auto Plane feature to allow for better control of hit placement

Matteo Contro hace 3 años en Metrology Software / PC-DMIS actualizado por ALBERT706 hace 3 años 9

To add the option to choose different distances for the point in auto plane feature, in order to measure rectangular instead of only square plane, and avoid to change manually the points.

Image 357


Improve clearance cube functionality

David Courtney hace 5 años en Metrology Software / PC-DMIS actualizado por davehocum hace 1 semana 12

As is, I find clearance cube to be more hassle than it is worth in most situations that I encounter, but with some improvements it could be a valuable tool.  I definitely prefer to use clearance planes, avoidance moves, move points, etc. over clearance cube.  I understand it was created as a way to automate the programming process but it may be able to improve the manual programming process.

I've outlined some areas where I think this could be improved:

  1. Make clearance cube smart enough to be able to adjust the status for each feature if a clearance plane is not needed.  It is very time consuming to have to go in and click through all the menu items to adjust the active, start, and end status definition for each feature to get an efficient program.  This adds quite a bit of time to the process, especially if there are a lot of features to adjust.
  2. Make it easier and quicker to adjust settings on the fly.  Maybe a dock-able window that shows all the clearance cube settings for any specific feature that you can have visible at all times. 
  3. Add clearance cube settings to the auto feature dialogue.
  4. Make clearance cube settings editable within features in the edit window.